8 Keto-Friendly Alternatives For Maple Syrup

Did you know that there are keto versions of your favorite breakfast treats, such as waffles and French toast? Are you struggling to imagine eating either without pure maple syrup dripping down the stack?

If you are eating keto and living a keto lifestyle, you most likely realize that while the golden syrup from maple trees is delicious, you need maple syrup substitutes.

Is Maple Syrup Healthy?

Asking if a food is healthy depends on many variables. Real maple syrup is healthier than table sugar because it has some nutrients such as manganese, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

When consumed in moderation, maple syrup is not necessarily a bad thing; however, some people’s bodies don’t do well with that much sugar.

Maple syrup is not the best option for people with diabetes or struggling with their weight. For people trying to make low or zero-sugar choices, there are other options out there.

Keto-Friendly Substitutions for Maple Syrup

Whether you are looking for a substitution for your favorite baking recipes or something to replace a cup of maple syrup on the breakfast table to use as a pancake topping, there are some excellent liquid sweeteners out there that can do the job.

1. Agave Nectar

Sweeter than table sugar and similar to honey, agave nectar or agave syrup is one of the best maple syrup substitutes!

2. Brown Rice Syrup

A gluten-free, vegan natural sweetener, brown rice syrup is a great maple syrup alternative.

3. Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

You can use sugar-free brown sugar and water to make a delicious pancake syrup substitute.

Brown sugar syrup on its own has a rich caramel flavor. It also is amazing with a small bit of vanilla extract added.

4. Coconut Nectar

Another great alternative is this sweetener, an amber-colored syrup extracted from the sap from the flowers of coconut trees.

You will find this sweet syrup has a similar consistency to maple syrup.

5. Corn Syrup

Some people find the neutral flavor of corn syrup makes it an excellent substitute for maple syrup in a recipe.

If you want the maple flavor, add some sugar-free maple extract.

6. Homemade Keto Maple Syrup Recipe

You just need four simple ingredients to make a syrup substitute: water, sugar-free granule syrup, maple extract, and Xanthan gum.

7. Light Molasses

Since molasses is so much thicker than maple syrup, you may need to mix it with equal parts water.

8. Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Our favorite brand of sugar-free maple syrup is Wholesome Yum. You can get it on Amazon!

What Tastes the Closest to Maple Syrup?

Of course, you can buy sugar-free maple syrup substitutes. But what if you are looking for something more natural? Some people want to make their own syrup substitute.

Mixing sugar-free brown sugar with water and cooking it down will give you a taste and consistency similar to maple syrup.

4 Reasons Why Use Maple Syrup Replacements

There are many reasons people prefer to use maple syrup substitutes, whether it is to put on breakfast items or because a recipe calls for syrup.

  • Less Carbohydrates: The great substitutes we have provided for you give you the thickness of syrup and excellent flavor with fewer carbs.

  • Lower Calorie Intake: Are you cutting calories for weight loss? Sugar-free syrups are far lower in calories than those that are full of sugar.

  • Blood Sugar: Sugar-free alternatives have a significantly lower glycemic index than real maple syrup. Whether you are eating keto or you are a person with diabetes, having sugar substitutes that don’t raise your blood sugar is important.

  • Reduce Cravings: Many people report that if they eat sugar, their cravings increase. Using sugar-free replacements can help reduce cravings.