100g Nutrition Information

 KetoGoods 100g Nutrition Information

Using our ingredients to create your own product? Below you can find detailed nutrition information for each of our products. Please don't hesitate to reach out using contact us or write info@ketogoods.com. Only nutrients with values greater than zero are shown.

KetoGoods Allulose Syrup 100g Nutrition

Nutrient Value per 100g
Energy 40 cal
Fat 0g
Total Carbs* 71g
Allulose 71g
Cholesterol <1.0g
Vitamins 0g 


* - Allulose passes through the body undigested, and so it can be removed from net carb calculations. Allulose has no glycemic impact and contains very little caloric value.


KetoGoods Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber/Resistant Dextrin 100g Nutrition Information

Nutrient Value per 100g
Energy 80 cal
Fat 0g
Total Carbs* 70g
Sugars < 3g
Dietary Fiber 60g
Sodium 10mg 
Vitamins 0g


* - This product contains about 7g of DP3 non-digestible carbohydrates, which are not considered fiber or sugar. They do not affect glycemic index and are excreted from the body unchanged.