16 Indulgent Low Carb Breakfast Ideas Without Eggs

While following a keto diet, many people make the mistake of thinking they have to breakfast on bacon and eggs every morning. While eggs are a very low-carbohydrate meal, there are many other options out there for those seeking a healthy breakfast with few net carbs.

A ketogenic diet does not mean you have to give up many of the breakfast items you have grown to love. This is especially true if you are willing to do some meal planning so you have delicious breakfast grab-and-go items.

What Can I Have for Breakfast on Keto?

The first suggestion we have for you is not to lock yourself into traditional breakfast food items. If something is tasty, you enjoy it, and it fits into your food plan, what does it matter what time of day it is?

Here are some of the most popular keto-friendly breakfast ideas:

  1. Avocado: Rich in healthy fats, avocado can be eaten on its own, seasoned with salt and pepper, or made into guacamole. It's also great paired with eggs or as a topping for keto toast.

  2. Bacon and Sausage: These are high in fat and protein, making them suitable for keto. However, it's important to choose varieties that are low in carbs and without added sugars.

  1. Low-Carb Pancakes or Waffles: Made with almond flour or coconut flour, these can provide a comforting, familiar breakfast option without the carbs.

  1. Nuts and Seeds: A handful of nuts or seeds can be a quick and easy keto breakfast. Consider almonds, pecans, chia seeds, or flaxseeds.

  2. Cheese: High in fat and low in carbs, cheese can be part of a simple breakfast. Consider a cheese platter with olives and cold cuts.

  3. Bulletproof Coffee: Coffee blended with butter and MCT oil or coconut oil can be a quick breakfast option for those who aren't very hungry in the morning but want to boost their fat intake.

  4. Leftovers: Don't overlook leftovers from dinner as a viable breakfast option, especially if they're balanced in keto macros.

Remember, the key to a successful keto diet is to ensure you're keeping your carbohydrate intake low, usually below 20-50 grams of net carbs per day, depending on individual tolerance.

Now let’s dig into some more of our favorite keto-friendly breakfast ideas for those on a keto diet.

Eggless Low-Carb Breakfast Options

The fact of the matter is that not everyone enjoys eating eggs and some have egg allergies. Making breakfast without eggs does not have to be challenging. In fact, you can never eat another egg again on your weight loss journey if that is how you want it.

5 Simple, No Cooking, Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Busy, on-the-go people often look for breakfast ideas that do not require any cooking. Here are some if that describes you.

  1. Chia Pudding: Chia pudding can be mixed up the night before in a jar or airtight container. In the morning, just add some fruit, nuts, coconut flakes or other tasty tidbits to your pudding. Grab a spoon and out the door you go!

  2. Keto Overnight Oats: This is not actually an oatmeal recipe but the taste and texture will be reminiscent of overnight oatmeal.

  3. Cottage Cheese: A fairly low-carb food item, cottage cheese is delicious with just a dash of fruit on top. Prepping this easy breakfast will take you just minutes.

  4. Celery with Almond Butter: As someone who loves almond butter I am always looking for a new vessel for enjoying my nut butters, celery is perfect. Sometimes I add a few sugar-free chocolate chips to the top for my sweet cravings.

  5. Smoothies: Fruit such as raspberries and strawberries make great keto smoothies and smoothie bowls. Use coconut milk or almond milk for a vegan smoothie option as part of your morning meal. Throw in chia seeds and flax for extra filler and protein.

7 High Protein, Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

  1. Breakfast Bake: Who says you have to have eggs in a breakfast bake or skillet? Meat, veggies and cheese can be plenty satisfying!

  2. Yogurt: Some Greek yogurts are low enough in carbs to be a part of a low-carb diet. Some yogurts are specially made for those eating keto. Be certain to check the carb content before you choose your yogurt. We even have a recipe to make your own keto yogurt.

  3. No-Bake Protein Bars: With just a few ingredients, including protein powder, you can make your own protein bars which is a fantastic keto breakfast idea.

  4. Energy Bites: Another concoction made with protein powder as a base, you can make energy bites with bits of nut and fruit for extra protein, crunch and flavor.

  5. Granola: Not all granola is created equally, but there are seed and nut-based granola mixes out there that won’t destroy your diet and kick you out of ketosis.

  6. Wraps: Don’t assume a breakfast burrito has to have eggs in it. Fill your low-carb wrap with anything from lunch meat to breakfast sausage to veggies. Smoked Salmon and spinach wrapped in a low-carb tortilla is the perfect keto, on-the-go, breakfast option.

  7. Low-Carb, Vegan Protein Pancakes: Keto pancakes can be made with almond flour, applesauce as an egg replacer, and other delicious ingredients.

4 Keto Breakfast Recipes that Include Eggs but are Not Egg-Based

We included this category because some people don’t mind eggs, they just get tired of eating eggs day after day. If you don’t mind a little egg cooked into your food, you just don’t want to eat them... well.. as eggs... we have some great suggestions for you.

  1. Chaffles: A keto waffle that is made with cheese, egg, a little almond flour (or coconut flour) and various flavorings is an easy low-carb breakfast option. Enjoy your chaffle with peanut butter, sugar-free maple syrup, or with ham and cheese as a breakfast sandwich.

  2. Bagels: Another low-carb recipe idea is to make your own bagels. Another recipe that is not egg-focused but does include an egg is to make your own bagels with some cream cheese, shredded cheese, almond flour, egg and a few other ingredients. You can make them savory with sharper cheeses and a sprinkle of “everything but the bagel” seasoning. Serve them with cream cheese as part of a sandwich or any other way!

  3. Keto Coffee Cake: This coffee cake has a couple of eggs baked into it. Your non-keto friends will devour this without hesitation.

  4. Keto Muffins: We love a delicious muffin and they can be part of your keto diet as long as you use the right flour and sugar-free sweetener.